Psychology challenges students to examine ways in which thinking, emotions, and behavior intertwine. They examine biological, social, and mediating factors that affect human development. Students have many opportunities to integrate creative expression into their studies, work in teams, and choose to research particular topics of interest. Explorations of abnormal psychology are balanced with strategies to achieving and maintaining wellness, fueled by the principles of positive psychology. My goal is to foster knowledge development in the content area and provide ways for students to connect the material to their personal and professional roles. 

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english composition, literature & creative writing

In composition classes, students explore the writing process from beginning to end. They discuss structure and rhetorical modes, conduct research, and learn to cite sources appropriately. Critical thinking and creative expression are integral elements of each class, as are opportunities for working alone and in teams. Students build and strengthen existing skills while developing confidence and stretching the boundaries of their comfort zones. In addition to developing structured essays and well-crafted research assignments, students are challenged in the areas of oral communication and presentation, information literacy, and textual, visual, and literary analysis.


teaching & faculty development

As a faculty trainer, Leoson specializes in helping instructors develop and deliver high quality classroom experiences for students. She coaches faculty members through integrating the Seven Principles of Effective Teaching and engaging students on multiple levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. She is well known for her creative authentic assessments and assists instructors in developing these unique projects into classes across a variety of disciplines. Each faculty member is encouraged to find his or her unique teaching style and integrate assignments that are both effective and applicable to students' personal and professional lives.