composition 1

EN 100, ENGL 101

Composition one is an introductory English course that focuses on essay writing, rhetorical analysis, information literacy, and foundational research skills. Content varies by institution. 

Mrs. Leoson is an amazing instructor who has helped me grow in the area of writing. She makes it fun to learn and is always willing to work with you to get the best results.
— ENGL 101 Student, Course Review Submitted to the Dean


EN 101, ENGL 250

This is an English course that builds on skills students develop in composition one and the content also varies by institution. Generally, it focuses on persuasive argument and workplace writing. It also continues to build on rhetorical analysis, information literacy, and research skills. This course usually requires the development of a significant persuasive argument paper. 

Mrs. Leoson is one of the best educators I have ever had the pleasure to learn from. She’s creative and adaptable and very sensitive to the needs of her students. I’d recommend her to anyone.
— ENGL 250 Student, Course Review Submitted to the Dean


EN 110

ENGL 305

The curriculum for advanced composition varies a great deal based on institution. For example, EN 110 is a sophomore level class that focuses on deepening persuasive argument skills, identifying logical fallacies in writing, and general research paper writing. ENGL 305 is a junior level class that requires students to not only develop research papers but also incorporate both quantitative and qualitative studies into their work. 

~Helpful Writing Resources~

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~Mrs. L's Short Videos for Ashford University Students, but useful for all English Students~

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Developing a Paragraph                               Critical Thinking                                                         Thesis Statement - Additional