divorce as transformation - coming soon!

This course has been designed for women going through the divorce transition. In the American culture, divorce has not traditionally been viewed as a positive change, so my goal is to empower women through this process and help them to use the momentum as a personal transformation. This ending has also created a new beginning and  you have the power to define what this looks like! While each woman walks her own path, she does not need to make the whole journey alone.

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envisioning your future - coming soon!

You want a more rewarding life, but you aren't sure how to make it happen. Embark on this journey of discovery in order to solidify the future you want to manifest! Identity the aspects of your life you want to enrich, discard, heal, transform, and create. We all have things that prevent us from achieving happiness, so let's work together to remove those blocks and design the future you really want!





In a world where cat fights and mean girls seem to be celebrated, it is easy to forget that female relationships can be supportive and rewarding. This course is an exploration of the sacred bonds that women share in both familial ties and friendship. It is an invitation to deepen your understanding of yourself and strengthen the bonds you share with the women in your life. Find out how you can enrich your mother-daughter bond, heal wounds that have been passed down through the generations, celebrate the things that make female relationships unique, and strengthen your sisterhood!