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What is life coaching? Life coaching is a collaborative partnership between a trained coach and a client in which the two work together to help the client achieve goals and establish a health life balance. They clarify the client's vision and values, adjust thinking patterns and behaviors to support the vision/values, establish measurable goals, create success strategies,  and define "accountability" for progress. In other words, a coach acts as an extension of the client who helps to keep him/her on track!

How can coaching benefit me? Life coaching is ideal for those who find themselves feeling stagnant, need to rearrange elements of their lives to find a healthier balance, or need some encouragement to move forward with their ideal lives. Have you been putting off your goals and dreams because you are too busy making ends meet and caring for others? Are you experiencing a transition (i.e., divorce, career change, graduation) that offers you an opportunity to explore what you want out of life? Do you feel that your responsibilities are out of balance with what you truly need to maintain wellness? If any of these apply to you, coaching may be a good fit to help you move forward!

~Coach Mary

Mary Leoson focuses her coaching practice mostly on students who are active in her classes, but please email to check for availability!


Mary Leoson was trained as a life coach through the Institute for Life Coach Training. She has also received specialized training in Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Visioning, and Positive Psychology. 

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